BTC Halve-o-Ween

Unleash the Spooky Magic of BTC Halve-O-Ween – The Ultimate Halloween Treat, Where Every Trick Rewards You with Bitcoin's Finest Treats! 🎃🌕


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Prepare for the Ultimate Monster Hunt! 🦇🕷️

Join our Spine-Tingling Leaderboard

Engage in the spine-chilling hunt for crypto monsters as you participate in our Monster Hunt on our official TG group.

Top 10 Wins Monstrous Prizes

Climb to the top 10, and you'll be rewarded with ghoulishly fantastic prizes. Prizes include crypto treasures, and other ghostly surprises.

Become a Crypto Monster Slayer

Prove your hunting skills and compete against fellow hunters to secure your place on the leaderboard.

Track Your Progress

Keep an eye on your progress and your rivals on our live leaderboard, updated in real-time.

Join the Haunting Fun

Don't miss out on the thrilling adventure of our Monster Hunt competition.

It's Time to Hunt

As the moon rises, the hunt begins. Will you emerge victorious or become prey to the crypto monsters?


Welcome to the Crypt-oween Treasury! 🎃

Total supply:
1,000,000 $BTC50
Team token:
50,000 (5%)
Initial LP:
850,000 (85%)
50,000 (5%)
50,000 (5%)


Prize Draw

Halloween Night Grand Prize Draw! 🌕🎃

Join the Spooktacular Fun

Get ready for a Halloween night like no other!

Exciting Prizes Await

On the chilling night of Halloween, we'll draw lucky winners for spine-tingling prizes.

Earn XP for Tasks

From ghostly challenges to eerie quests, there's a world of opportunities to gain XP and increase your chances of winning

Community of Achievers:
Join our spirited community and be a part of a vibrant network of achievers.
The More You Do, the More You Win:
The more tasks you tackle, the more XP you earn, and the closer you get to the grand prize.
Halloween Night Awaits:
Mark your calendar for Halloween night, when we'll unveil the winners of the ultimate Halloween treat!
Start your journey now and collect XP for a chance
to claim the most thrilling Halloween reward. 🎁👻🕷️


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The Bitcoin halving symbolizes cryptocurrency innovation, reminding us that dreams come true. It's not just a tech event; it's a testament to community strength and determination. We're part of this revolution, united and stronger. Embrace Bitcoin's future opportunities. Stay committed, and let's build a new world! 🚀💰